Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DAY 2 OF gym


So it looks like blogger decided to post what I wrote yesterday morning this morning. So as mentioned in the other post I had a personal training appointment this morning. AT.....5:30 am. Now, This is not my usual wake up time. Usually I wake up around 7:30 when either leela or Tobin wake up. I have known I wanted this to change. Actually, I know it needed to change. So I made the apointment early so I could have time to get home and enjoy some quiet before the whole house is up. It feels wonderful and quiet. 

How did my PT appointment go you ask? Well, ...He didnt show up. yah. discouraging and frustrating. They called him and he talked to me. He felt bad and wanted to reschedule. I did but I was a bit mad and felt like switching to try a different one but decided sometimes people need a 2nd chance. So tonight I'll meet with him. I have not set specific goals yet as I dont really know where I am at with stats etc on my body. I am excited to get all that down on paper so the real fun and hard work can begin. 

I have not exersised in 8 years. This is so foreign to my body. Today I did 10 min warm up of a brisk walk on the treadmill and after the whole PT reschedule I went to do 15 min on the eliptical. Its easy to feel dumb only doing such a small amount but I will have to remind myself its okay. Everyone is at different levels. This was a push for me. All of it. To get up at o dark 30 and to do that cardio. I forgot my music so I just watched all the super strong people workout. haha Motivating.

Well, I am going to go read a bit ( might as well start more new habits with mny early rise) and then get ready for a rockin day with my kiddos. 



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  1. So proud of you babe, you got up like a champ this morning. You Rock.


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