Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No more MIA

I have been MIA on my blog lately. I have decided to just start blogging in the moment again. Having the blogger app (that actually works using iOS vs. android) will be super helpful. Ever since starting to use a smartphone January 2012 I got in a horrible "everything instant" habit. It became easier to post longer then normal Facebook status updates then to get on our computer and blog about it. Often I forgot about the moments by the time I had time in the evening to blog anyways. 

I also am in the habit of posting instant pictures. Especially now that I use Instagram. I am always editing photos and sharing them right then. I am excited to start sharing more on the blog with the help of this app. 

It would be too overwhelming if I thought to try and play catch up with our life before I start blogging in the moment thoughts so I am just going to go forward for now and if I feel like going back and sharing the past I will.

As always I love when you leave comments to say hi. I always love when I meet new visitors or old blog friends and get to stop by and say hi back on your blog. 

Here are a few of my most recent favorite photos. You may have already seen them on Instagram or Facebook. I'll try to save some surprises just for the blog in the future so it's not all repeats. 

As always
Hugs to all! 

If you are wondering who the new babes is if you are not friends with me on Facebook we had a baby girl in September. She is #6baby for us! I will share more photos and a bit of her birth story here soon.  Her name is Leela-LaRue. We usually just shorten it and say Leela. ( Middle name we keep private. )

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