Saturday, July 27, 2013

Play like a kid.

(looking in my blog drafts, I found this post that never got published for some reason. 
Written back in April I believe)

Yesterday I had spent the morning doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Sophie begged me to play dolls with her. Sadly, after sitting and playing dolls with her I realized I had not done this before. Just her and I pretend playing having the dolls do the talking. I loved it. It felt refreshing.

They then went on to play with play-doh as I worked on laundry. As we cleaned the mess up I had this thought that I should suggest we go play Ring around the Rosie and Duck Duck Goose. This is not like me. I often forget about little things like this. Not when teaching nursery at church or preschool in the home  just when I am at home "being mom" I struggle to just stop work and be playful WITH the kids.  I also thought since Tobin is now 18 months old and will go to church nursery its about time he learned how to do these simple activities and that I wanted to be the one to teach him. Oh- how I am so happy I listened to this thought. It was pure JOY.

Ring Around the Rosie :

Holding hands we sang and the three of us went in a circle. Tobin would not fall down on his own. I could help him a bit and he would fall but without my help he would stand there and laugh at us. I would fall all the way down kicking my feet up into the air exaggerating greatly my fall. I think this was way more entertaining to him then to fall himself. We had some great laughs. It felt great to be more active then just doing laundry or dishes or making a bed too. hahaha  Toddlers and Preschoolers love repetition so naturally we repeated this probably 10 times. I was out of breath by the 10th time.  (yikes, out of shape a bit?)

Next, on to Duck, Duck, Goose.

Sophie and I both took turns. Because it was just 3 of us in our living room I had to make chasing Sophie a little harder then it really was to help the game along. She loved it. Tobin sat and watched and laughed. Then I had a turn. Duck, Duck, on and on I went in a circle tapping their two little heads while walking around them. Both were laughing along the way.

Next up, Tobins turn. I sat in front of Sophie and did my best to tell Tobin what to do. He refused to say "Duck" Even though lately he will repeat most anything we ask him to say at least once. Standing there with a big smile on his face as I said Duck  I quickly felt like I was a mole in the wack-a-mole game at chuck e cheese.
"Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck,.." Each time I said Duck He'd stand in the same spot in front of us bopping us each back and forth on the head with his right hand, then left, then right. When I said Goose He giggled and stood in the same spot but turned himself in circles smiling and laughing along the way.

We had a good laugh. It is hard to explain on the blog but I knew I had to get it written down so I could remember this sweet time with them. Many days I am filled with work to do and miss out on opportunities like this. It took just 10 minutes but added so much laughter and happiness it was so worth it. Only 10 min of stopping my work to spend time with these little ones still so new and learning what the world is all about.

It was just the reminder I needed as to why we sacrifice so much for me to stay at home. Its not so I can do the dishes, its not so I can make sure Laundry is done, it is because these little ones need me. Whats the purpose if I co-exist next to them? Working along and giving them things to do to keep them "happy" as time passes by.

Yesterday I resolved in my heart to spend more time each day playing WITH them. If the dishes and a messy kitchen, or a dirty bathroom gets a half hour or an hour of my time don't my kids deserve the same if not more then that? If I spend a total of only 10 minutes every hour of the day checking email, facebook, etc  easily adding up to 80 minutes of my day I NEVER can get back  then is it too much to ask to take 10 minutes here or there and FOCUS entirely on each child doing what they want to do and talking to them?

We have only the time God grants us here and never know when a day will be our last with a loved one  here on earth. I am grateful I had this experience to remind me again how special family is and what is truly important.

They deserve that and frankly, I deserve to play like a kid too every now and then right?


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  1. Yes you do deserve to play like a kid. Great Post.


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