Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introducing the world of Blythe dolls!

We have a new friend in town! She is a Blythe doll and arrived this week as a Birthday present for me from my friend. My friend Carole, who also happens to be the wonderful girlfriend of my Uncle. She and I first met when I flew to France for my PePe's funeral. Carole and I had alot of fun in Paris as she took me to Montmarte to check out some fun fabric shops as well as eat crepes in a lovely piano bar. Yum! 

Carole introduced me to the wonderful world of Blythe dolls. She collects and creates amazing little clothes for these dolls. The Blythe doll phenomenon is huge all over the world, especially in China and Japan and Europe. Here in the USA Blythe showed up around Christmas time this year in Littlest Pet shop boxes. Mini Blythes. Oh so cute. Olea received one for her Birthday. 

I may be off on dates but in general from memory here is a bit of history with the dolls. Blythe was first created in 1972 and were only made for one year. After that they were popular really only with doll collectors. Until around 2000 a commercial in Japan used a Blythe doll and she became an overnight sensation! Then she was created and sold and now a popular friend that travels the world with many. My friend Carole has a fun photo stream you should check out. These pics will give you a great idea of how fun these dolls can be! Miss Sushy's flickr photos 
These little dolls have such a fun unique look about them. 

So, to my surprise Carole and Lionel sent me one for my Birthday! I have not given her a name yet. We have had fun playing around with her. She has a string in the back of her head, when you pull it her eyes can change colors. My dolls eyes can be pink, orange, green, and blue. They also change the way they look as well. So far my girls love the green and I love the blue. 
The orange freaks them out a bit. LOL!

So, here is her debut on Moments! She came in an adorable box with a super cute Mod dress, shoes, and tights as well as little earings. I forgot to take a pic of her in that but I will soon. 

Her first new outfit was made by me last night. Its funny, I thought making doll clothes for American Girl dolls was hard! whew. Sewing tiny clothes is tedius and very challenging but I think I did ok for my first time. I cannot wait to design a few new outfits. My mind is ful of ideas! I am thinking some outfits fitting to different time periods. Can you say "SEW FUN!"? :) 

 I took a few photos of her and I promised her she could help with the captions on the pics. 

"See my new dress? Isn't it lovely?"
"Jenn-Lee spent one hour in front of this thing and made my lovely little dress! I feel so happy!"
"I found a stash of Jenn-Lee's fabric. I have begged her for more outfits."
"I made a new friend and we had a tea party.She is a little person!"
"I love America but Jenn-Lee has promised to take me back to Paris one day! Yay!"
"new friends! I am so happy here!,..now I wait for her to give me a name!"

That's all for now! I promise to share new outfits and adventures of hers on the blog in the future! Do you have a Blythe? Have you ever heard of Blythe dolls before the Littlest Pet shops started selling minis of them? What do you think?



  1. So very cute. I loved reading your post. I've never heard of these dolls before. If I come to your place, I'd love to see the doll in person. You did a great job sewing!

  2. Oh great! I'm so happy to read you and seen the begining of your new friend! She look very happy and her new dress is so cute! I have some blythe pattern books, if you want some new pattern, tell me, I will send you some scan.
    I'm so happy for you!

    The picture with tea time isadorable! *_*

  3. Whoa!I didn't realise they had such tiny legs! You did a great. Job sewing. About as much fun as sewing for Barbie huh? I also Loved the Tea time picture! A keeper for sure.

  4. Wow, its really amazing very cute. I love this incredible doll and just received my cute Blyhte Doll at PIJ. Its really gorgeous. I am very happy now :D


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