Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Yarn crafts for you

I think with how much I adore yarn I should try to learn to knit or crochet. Maybe one day.

Since making my yarn wreath last year

  and various crafts throughout the year including my yarn tree topper star 

 I wanted to share quite a few links of projects by you and some of my favorite blog stops. 

1st stop,

I love her ornaments and really want to make some but since Christmas is past I will wait for next years tree. I still cannot believe Christmas is past. I miss it already!

Now, A new link I had not seen before. Thank you! 
Party Starters, Yarn snowflakes.  
seriously. way sticky, way creative and loads of fun for sure. I would add glitter of course!
My girls would love to make these! Maybe as 'Winter' art decor.

Disney Family Fun's website had these adorable yarn crafts. They called them Easter craft yarn eggs. I think they really look like ornaments but could be made and used for party decorations for any holiday or Birthday or even a wedding. Think about the endless options. You can create them large or small. In themed colors for a party and hang them from your ceiling. You could use them as decor in a child's playroom, or bedroom.

Get this! I found this same concept used only to make a candy bowl!Love it!
Yarn craft Candy bowl link
Think, Valentines or Easter colors........

Ok. So, back to yarn wreaths. I made one this year in Gray and Fuchsia. I have not taken a pic of it yet but I will soon. I seriously am in love with yarn wreaths and found recently a post on Modern Bohemian of her craft night making yarn wreaths. You have to check it out. Three different wreaths all look absolutely stunning and like you could buy it out of a pottery Barn catalog!

And if you are so into yarn that you have it all over your craft room consider creating a lovely display like Anthropolgie has in the past.
Oh that is just one of the many reasons I obsess over that store! Their displays inspire me. Speaking of Anthropologie displays. That might be a future post. Sharing my favorite displays with you.

Well, That's enough for now. I'll be back. Always am. Although sometimes it takes a few days. Sorry posts are so sporadic lately. Trying to figure out how to keep my little home clean, my kids homeschooled, my self showered and cute, my husband happy and even have some me time to read.Something I hadn't been very good at in the past.
For the curious type, I recently read this and now am reading this.



  1. Hey Jenn-lee!

    Thanks for linking to my yarn wreath post! Cute blog!

    ...Holly (modern bohemian)

  2. I absolutely love the wreaths and I loved your yarn star for your tree! It inspires me to make a yarn wreath for spring. I may call if I need help. I'm not the craftiest person, but I like to when I'm in the mood. BTW, this week I had mon and Tues off because of the snow/ice here so I opened the box of my new sewing machine and figured out how to work it. Yay! Then Jes wanted some dress shirts taken in on the sides and armpit area, so I watched how to do and and DID IT! It looks pretty good. I need some good sewing scissors though. So now I have all these ideas in my head of what to do next. I want to sew my own duvet for my bed, and make pillows. That is my next project! Thanks for the inspiration. Love ya!


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